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shraddha pawar

2018-12-25 14:52:38 | Profile
I understand that these guys are just a spicy ass shrek meme on the interwebs to the youth of today but these guys killed it and still do honestly lol this ones a banger for sure

Chief Ato

2018-10-08 12:11:58 | Profile
Anyone else look at this vid just to see the difference in views between this one and all star to see what the influx of meme based listeners did

Liz Singer-Deoca

2018-10-05 07:39:37 | Profile
Smas Mouth got other songs besides Hey now you are a rock star?

mushroom mike

2018-09-30 15:21:39 | Profile
= Instance: First Contact

Katalin Bodolai

2018-09-25 12:46:34 | Profile
This is one of the few post-1980s music videos I actually still enjoy. Even today, it still bears multiple replays. B-)

camila moya

2018-09-19 19:09:16 | Profile
Why does that singer look different every time I see him?


2018-09-14 12:44:25 | Profile
Because walking down the street in California wearing sunglasses, a black tee shirt, khaki pants, and a chinstrap beard pointing at people automatically makes you cool and makes a music video complete lol.

Shannan Who

2018-09-12 09:49:09 | Profile
90s were so everything just sucks!!


2018-09-09 16:39:17 | Profile
i always feel like a free man listening to this song.